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  • Organizing is easier with a tote!


    One of my most useful tools for organizing is my tools tote — with Post-it notes, sharpies, tape, mini-stapler — you name it. Why is it so helpful? Because when you go to clean a closet or organize under the sink, if all your supplies are right there, you will not have to pause in […]

  • Want peace of mind? Hire an organizer who is accredited & insured

    Work with an organizer who is accredited & insured for increased peace of mind.

    Getting you to your goals is my mission as a professional organizer. I provide support and expertise so you can solve your organizing issue and move on to living your best life, and I operate my business with the utmost care for my clients and their property. I’m accredited. My clients deserve the latest and […]

  • How long will my organizing project take?

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    Yes, the million dollar question. When we are ready to “pull the trigger” on a project that has dogged us for months or years, it is natural to want an answer NOW. We are excited, motivated, and we want the project done. The answer to the question “how long will this take?” is, of course, […]