A Commitment to Education

ICD certification

Completing the Level III certification program through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) is one of the best professional decisions I have made. For 20 months I worked one-on-one with a professional organizer mentor, developing my skills and knowledge, analyzing well-known books in the industry and completing dozens of case studies of people living and working in disorganized situations.

Culminating in an oral peer review exam in the fall of 2012, the program gave me a deeper appreciation for meeting clients where they are in life and how to better assist with goal setting and achievement. It solidified my commitment to working with clients on their goals at their own pace. It is not about my goals; I am not an organizer who will judge or tell a client to “just throw that away.”

The program also gave me a broad foundation of resources that are available online, in print and in the community. Because chronic disorganization is often a symptom of other things going on, such as mental health or neuro-biological problems, communication issues or learning issues, I need strong observational skills and a strong network of other professionals who complement what I do. I have strong relationships with my colleagues in the program, and we help each other problem solve and gain access to resources.

The certification program solidified my commitment to the ICD Code of Ethics. I have a commitment to acquiring knowledge, skills and training, and I encourage my clients to seek the services of other professionals if I believe the client would benefit from additional support.

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