How long will my organizing project take?

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Yes, the million dollar question. When we are ready to “pull the trigger” on a project that has dogged us for months or years, it is natural to want an answer NOW. We are excited, motivated, and we want the project done.

The answer to the question “how long will this take?” is, of course, “it depends on how fast you make decisions.” If I were a tile person and I did an estimate for tiling your bathroom, I would be able to give you a very accurate estimate, for example: “for a bathroom of this size and the tile you picked out, it will take 15 hours.” Frustratingly, this is not how it works with organizing.

Anytime there is a human element involved, the timing is uncertain. I work with people, and people have different styles, different ways of learning and making decisions, different attitudes about getting rid of things, and different value systems. The disorganization likely did not happen in one week, and the solution will take longer than one week.

I can offer, however, a few illustrations of how other projects have gone to give you an idea of how others use my services:

Carrie — 28 hours of my time over 2.5 months, working 4-hour appointments. Their goal was to park the car in their garage again, and we got there! Working alongside Carrie’s husband, who built a shed to store overflow sporting equipment and tools, we completed this project in time for them to enjoy the last part of the summer w/ an abundant garage. Read more here.

Melissa — 80 hours over 10 months, working 4-hour appointments every Saturday. We achieved her goal of a whole-house organization. We organized her entire 2-bedroom condo, including hobby items and paperwork. 3-hr “maintenance” sessions on a quarterly basis. Read more about Melissa.

MaryAnne — 275 hours over 7 years. This client is so lovely to work with. She does really well organizing when she has someone there with her. With some cognitive, mobility and neuro-biological issues to contend with, she needs a very hands-on organizer to be with her while she takes action toward her organizing goals. We have finished her hobby room, with all items labeled and in place. Routine maintenance with me is a must in order to maintain an organized space.

These are three very different types of clients, with different causes of the underlying disorganization, different goals, and different motivation. Whatever your project, there is a solution to get you where you want to be… closer to an organized home.