Professional Organizing Services

I am on organizer who works one-on-one with clients to:

  • Teach organizing skills.
  • Implement organizing systems that feel natural to you.
  • Get your space organized.

A vision for you

When items are accessible, life flows more easily and effortlessly. And when you have that, you’re that much closer to getting what you really want. Maybe your dream is an abundant business, or perhaps the goal is a smooth-running household and family life. These aspirations are within reach.

My intention is to create a calming, nurturing, non-judgmental and supportive working relationship, so you can take action and create real change.

We work together for up to 4 sessions

  1. First, we do a 30-min. complimentary phone consult. Schedule a phone consult.
  2. We then schedule up to 4 one-on-one sessions.
  3. We set an initial, manageable goal, and start working.
  4. In our first sessions, the progress may seem slow. It takes time at first for me to understand you, the work you do, your lifestyle and how you use your space. We will set up meaningful categories of possessions so things can be aggregated, purged and stored.
  5. We outline a strategy for maintaining the organizing between appointments. I can procure organizing items and outside referrals for you. Or I can support you in doing the shopping & research on your own.
  6. After 4 sessions, we look at your progress and goals, and determine how you can best be supported in your organizing goals going forward.
  7. Some examples of this work include: working with me to learn more skills, working with another organizing professional to maintain your skills, and/or collaborating with another outside professional.


The services of Duchess of Order are an INVESTMENT in yourself, your home and your business… an investment that will help you reach your long-term goals.

$90 per hour.