Beverly in Columbia Heights loves her craft room again

I feel so much better. I'm more effective at work and in my life. When I walk into my craft room, I don't have to spend the first hour locating all my supplies. I can just start!

Before and after – Beverly, Columbia Heights

A Little About Beverly:

Beverly has been a client since 2011. Her areas of concern included loss of functional space in her office and craft room, and lack of organizing habits and routines. Some of her health and learning issues included ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure.

Beverly’s Goals:

Beverly’s goals were to feel more relaxed in her home, to feel confident that things were taken care of, and to be more efficient. Stephanie scheduled organizing sessions twice per month for the first 6 months, which have now moved to monthly maintenance sessions.


  • A routine for cleaning her kitchen
  • An overhaul of her craft room
  • A routine for picking up the craft room
  • A laundry room cleared
  • A space optimized to make it easier to work
  • A closet that is organized

Not only did Beverly benefit from the organizational work, but others did also. She donated furniture, clothes and housewares to benefit disabled veterans and people with developmental disabilities.

Added bonus – Beverly finally found her continuing education credits paperwork! In finding her CE credits paperwork, her employer avoided the cost of sending her to training again.

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