Carrie in Hopkins has an organized garage that serves her busy family

Our single-car garage was over-packed and completely disorganized. I was overwhelmed with two small children and had limited resources. Stephanie brought innovative ideas, knowledgeable advice and a very workable plan. We are so pleased with the results!

Before & After - Carrie, hopkinsA Little About Carrie:

Carrie and her husband had a busy life with two young boys, a home and a cabin, friends and family, and many hobbies. Their garage had become so full that they could no longer park in the garage.

Carrie’s Goals:

They wanted a spot to keep bikes, kids’ stuff, seasonal items, tools, and, most of all, a place to park the car! Carrie’s husband and I worked together on Saturday mornings for two months to reach their goal. I devoted 30 hours of my time toward this project.


  • About 1/4 of the garage contents were purged and donated.
  • They were able to park in the garage, and their car was dry and protected!
  • Loading and unloading the car has been easier for Carrie.
  • Carrie’s husband became inspired to put up an outbuilding where many of the large items were then stored.
  • Containers with small supplies and tools were labeled for easy retrieval.
  • Free shelving was given to them by a family member.
  • The garage has become a place where her husband can work on his projects, with all of his tools right at his fingertips.
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