Julie in St. Paul has a home that supports her busy career

"I feel like a real person, not a hot mess! In the morning, I am put together, I have my coffee, my keys and everything I need. The organizing work has made me feel more confident."

Before and After - Julie, St PaulA Little About Julie:

Julie has been a client since 2011. Her areas of concern included clutter in living areas, disorganization is affecting work performance, can’t have anyone over. Some of her health and learning issues included: recently obtained ADHD screening, anxiety, and depression.

Julie’s Goals:

Beverly’s goals were to have the serenity and confidence that comes with an organized home. Stephanie scheduled 3 hour organizing sessions twice per month for 18 months.


  • A weekly routine for clea Julie to clean out her purse, her bag, her car, and incoming mail & paperwork
  • Dusty boxes of paperwork are a thing of the past
  • Many items were sold in a church sale, giving Julie a sense of space and freedom that she did not have before
  • Julie learned the skills necessary to keep her living room tidy going forward
  • She hosted Christmas at her house last year!
  • The ADHD diagnosis has given her a new awareness of how the condition compromises her ability to organize. She doesn’t beat herself up anymore.
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