Kate in Bloomington finds serenity in her home again

I'm not afraid of the doorbell anymore. I used to dread opening the door and having someone see my space. Now I don't even think about it!

Before & After - Kate, Bloomington

Before & After - Kate, Bloomington2

Before & After - Kate, Bloomington3A Little About Kate:

Kate was about to start up her college career again after being out of the academic world for awhile due to a family loss. She had struggled with mental health issues for several years and was ready to live life again.

Kate’s Goals:

Kate was motivated to have people over. She wanted to enjoy the rooms that had been remodeled several years ago. Kate wanted a basement office for studying and a kitchen where she could make healthy meals. She loves international travel and wanted a bedroom where she could pack for trips easily and effortlessly. Kate worked with Stephanie twice per week for several months, followed by periodic maintenance appointments.


  • Kate made amazing progress with her de-cluttering, donating 75 bags of clothing and household items over 3-1/2 months! The donations helped the families of people dealing with developmental problems to have access to resources.
  • She is able to eat healthy meals that she makes in her own kitchen.
  • Having an organized “travel center” means she can see her travel essentials and can pack for a trip at a moment’s notice.
  • It’s easier for Kate to find what she needs on a daily basis.
  • She feels more calm and confident!

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