Melissa in South Metro reclaims her space and her life

I wanted to bake last weekend. I went to my new, labeled drawers and was so happy to know where things were! The cupcakes were a big hit.

The kitchen was organized first. Then the whole house was tackled—cleared and organized—every other week for eight months.

The kitchen was first, including plumbing work; then the whole house was tackled — cleared and organized — every other week for eight months.


A Little About Melissa:

In addition to working a demanding full-time job, Melissa went through the stress of a lengthy health scare and a difficult roommate situation. Instead of being a sanctuary, her home was a battleground… with excess stuff and deferred maintenance. She and some loving family members decided it was time for a change.

Melissa’s Goals:

A big goal for Melissa was to have use of her kitchen again! She wanted a place to put all of her creative projects that she has made. The plumbing systems were in disrepair. She wanted a place for everything and everything in its place. A big goal was to have friends and family spend the night.


Melissa worked with Stephanie every other week for eight months to complete her goal of clearing and organizing her whole house.

  • Stephanie & Melissa devised a process for starting any organizing project: set a goal, get your “donate” bag, your “throw away” bag, your “other room” box, etc.
  • The kitchen was cleared first, with labeled drawers brought in and art objects displayed. Melissa is cooking and baking in her kitchen again and is maintaining her clean kitchen.
  • The bathroom and bedrooms were purged, sorted and organized.
  • A plumber was brought in to get the dishwasher, 2 sinks and 2 toilets fully operational again.
  • We did several “handyman” projects such as changing out light bulbs, removing doors and hanging pictures.
  • Melissa was able to say goodbye to her old life and welcome in some new energy by donating hundreds of items: a bicycle, a mattress, a TV, several appliances, and approximately 25 large bags of clothing, shoes & housewares to non-profit organizations in Minnesota.
  • Spending time at home is much more peaceful now for Melissa. She can relax there and fully embrace her many hobbies!



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