Two Simple Tricks for Conquering the Daily Clutter

Why do spaces get cluttered and disorganized? There are lots of reasons! No storage space, lack of a good system or no time… these are just a few.

Here is another possibility: Many who are disorganized just don’t see the clutter or they lack the ability to stay on task long enough to make a dent. In short, some are just wired differently. If you generally struggle with distractibility, decision making, categorizing, sequencing and remembering, then organizing may be tough for you.

Let’s step back for a second. “To organize” means to form into a whole, to systematize or give structure to. It’s not one step and you’re done. It’s a multi-step process that can be challenging for those who think differently. Multi-step processes are really hard for distractible people. You can get easily derailed as you go from step one to step two, and down the line. You are not alone!

Start small – your car & your purse

Spending just 10 minutes per day de-cluttering spaces that you use often will help you avoid “the big cleanout” where you’re dealing with an overwhelming mountain of stuff. Let’s start with two areas where we all need a little help.

Keep an empty box in your car. Use it daily to remove items such as food & beverage containers, clothing, and papers. This will eliminate the need for "the big cleanout."

Keep an empty box in your car. Use it daily to remove items such as food & beverage containers, clothing, and papers. This will eliminate the need for “the big cleanout.”

1) Car. Lots of stuff ends up on the front seat after a day of work, meetings, errands and chauffeuring people – food and drink containers, all kinds of papers, hats and gloves, sunglasses … the list goes on. Here’s a simple way to prevent clutter from piling up in the car.

  • Keep a box, bin or bag in the car for your miscellaneous items that accumulate.
  • Bring it inside each day.
  • Return the items to their respective homes in the kitchen, closet, office or bedroom.
  • Put the container by the door – bring it out with you in the morning.
  • Your container does not have to be boring. You can decorate it!

2) Purse. Same principle here. If you’re trying to simplify your life, reduce stress and be more relaxed, a clutter-free purse will support you in that goal. Purses are handy places to store stuff during our hectic days. Following these steps daily will eliminate the dreaded and stressful big cleanout. If you have short-term memory issues, this technique is for you.

  • Get some sticky notes and a marker.
  • Find a countertop that is close to a trash can.
  • Dump out your purse. Clear out all the side pockets, nooks & crannies.
  • Remove any trash and toss.
  • Pick up ONE item.
  • Does it belong?
  • If it’s something that doesn’t belong, like a receipt or a sock, start a pile.
  • Write “to office” or “to laundry room” on the sticky note and put it next to the pile.
  • Continue in this fashion with the second item. (The sticky notes help you remember what all the piles are for.)
  • When the purse is cleaned out, take all the items to their respective rooms.

Now you have a cleaned out car and purse ready for a new day! Remember that you’re not alone – we all need organizing tips and support. Remember to start small. Daily actions make a huge big dent in your overall clutter. Let me know how it’s going!

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